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Euphemia Speaks to Elevate & Empower the Light Within You

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Euphemia is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Intuitive Healing Channel with 7 years of experience in her practice, Hands of Light Holistic Therapy. Euphemia integrates her expertise and wisdom in Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, and Somatic Movement Therapy to provide her clients with a well-rounded foundation in Holistic Health and Wellness.

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What Clients Say: 

I felt called to receive a session from Mia and I’m so glad I followed through. I had the most beautiful experience at Hands of Light with Mia. Everything from the moment I walked in to the moment I left was amazing. Mia moved with so much intention, care, warmth and I’m so grateful that I got to receive that. I came in feeling heavy and I left with my heart space open and feeling so grounded and uplifted. It has been days later and I still feel so light. Our session acted as a catalyst for me to move with more intention, stay aligned, and also reminded me to dedicate time for yoga. Mia is so gifted and anyone is blessed to receive care from her. 

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